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Computed tomography
Generating tomograms of the inside of the body with computed tomography has now become the medical standard. This is an established and fast method, and it is no longer possible to imagine cross-sectional diagnostic imaging without it.

CT-targeted pain therapy

Although pain has an important protective function, it constitutes a great loss of quality of life, particularly for people with painful chronic diseases. Modern imaging methods can help. Using computed tomography, it is possible to precisely identify the nerve roots causing pain and to visualise other structures of the spinal column causing pain. Consequently, medicine can be administered directly to the nerve roots causing pain, the epidural space or the facet joint. The advantage of this treatment is that the maximum effect can be achieved with a low dose of medicine. Computed tomography image control is carried out with low-dose technology to keep patients' radiation exposure to a minimum.
Frequent applications:
  • periradicular therapy (the application of medicine to the nerve root)
  • epidural treatment (infiltrations in the vicinity of the spinal cord for back pain e.g. in the case of spinal disc herniation)
  • pain therapy for facet-joint blockages
  • SI joint infiltration