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Computed tomography
Generating tomograms of the inside of the body with computed tomography has now become the medical standard. This is an established and fast method, and it is no longer possible to imagine cross-sectional diagnostic imaging without it.

Virtual CT colonoscopy

Computed tomography of the colon, so-called virtual CT colonoscopy, is a modern examination that is an alternative to conventional colonoscopy. Within a few minutes, an image of the entire colon is shown. Using special results and evaluation software, the data is then processed to form detailed documentation. Diagnostikum Graz and Diagnosezentrum Meidling have been carrying out virtual colonoscopies for more than nine years and are taking a leading role in the non-hospital sector. Early detection of colorectal cancer is of great importance – in Austria, it is the most frequent form of cancer among men and the second-most-frequent form among women. Before the examination, you will be administered an intravenous, non-ionic, iodine-containing X-ray contrast medium. It increases the relevance of the examination and ensures diagnosis. Thanks to the latest technology, it is possible for us to significantly reduce the quantity of contrast medium administered. Please take note of our contrast medium information sheets.
Frequent applications
  • detection of polyps, which can be precursors of colorectal carcinomas
  • preoperative determination of the tumour stage in patients with colorectal carcinomas (e.g. simultaneous evaluation of the liver parenchyma and the lymph nodes in the abdomen)