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Nuclear medicine
Nuclear medicine provides valuable functional information on morphological CT and MRT diagnostics. Diagnostikum Graz is the only private institute in southern Austria to offer image fusion of radiological and nuclear medical image documents.
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nuclear medicine

In nuclear medicine, the latest methods for functional and localisation diagnostics are used. In this way, the information that can be obtained from radiological imaging can also be supplemented. A new aspect is that examinations of patients with metal implants (hip and knee prostheses or pacemakers), impaired renal functions or iodine allergies can also be carried out. This examination can also be carried out without great difficulty on patients who suffer from claustrophobia. However, pregnant women should not have a nuclear medical examination.
Most frequent applications
  • complete thyroid check-up
    - blood sample
    - ultrasound
    - scintigraphy
    - fine-needle aspiration biopsy
    - outpatient radioactive iodine therapy using up to 10 mCi 131-iodine
    - tumour aftercare for thyroid cancer
  • investigation of coronary heart disease (CHD)
  • ruling out or providing evidence of a relevant circulatory disorder of the heart, including with pharmacological stress if ergometry is not possible (e.g. joint pain, lack of exercise, left bundle branch block)
  • investigation of pulmonary infarction (pulmonary arterial embolism)
  • investigation of renal dysfunction
    - renal artery stenosis in the case of hypertension
    - cirrhotic kidney
    - urinary obstruction
  • investigation of bone and joint alterations
    - inflammatory joint disease
    - degradation of the joints
    - endoprosthesis loosening
    - bone metastases
  • investigation of neurological diseases
    - risk of stroke
    - epilepsy – focus localisation
    - HIV encephalopathy with a normal MRT
    - early detection of neurodegenerative diseases
    - brain involvement in connective tissue diseases