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About us

Private Access offers you the best and fastest way of achieving a precise diagnosis. Thanks to highly complex methods, we can detect even the smallest changes in the body at an early stage and thereby contribute to timely and effective treatment with a decisive step.

Facts & figures

Private Access was founded by Univ. Prof. Dr. Dieter Szolar and Univ. Doz. Dr. Klaus Preidler. Since the very beginning, the institute has not only had excellent radiological expertise, but has also been equipped with the latest technological medical equipment.

in Europe

We were the first institute in Europe to install a 4-slice and 64-slice multilayer spiral computed tomograph in the extramural sector (outside a hospital).

New possibilities with the
igh-field magnetic resonance tomographs

Our SIEMENS MAGNETOM® Verio guarantees not only precise, but also simple and convenient examinations, since it is equipped with a 70-cm opening. We have the worldwide serial number 17.

The worldwide serial number

Our Siemens SOMATOM Force® computed tomography system has this number. This modern system reduces the radiation exposure by up to 90 per cent, and the quantity of contrast medium can also be considerably reduced.

In 2015
State of the art

The acquisition of two PET-CT scanners for our institute was a great asset. With their help, not only bodily structures but also metabolic functions can be imaged in the most precise way.

Examination procedures

Dual-source or dual-energy computed tomography, magnetic resonance tomography, nuclear medicine, PET-CT, pain therapy.

Our habilitated doctors have demonstrated their specialised knowledge and experience of almost 15 years in diagnostic imaging in more than 1,100 nationally and internationally renowned scientific publications.

cientific publications

Intensive research
In addition to diagnostics, research also enjoys a high profile – as a result of the excellent connections with the Medical University of Graz and the Medical University of Vienna, diploma theses and publications are constantly written at both locations. Doctors from our institutes often also give lectures at international conferences.