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Computed tomography
Generating tomograms of the inside of the body with computed tomography has now become the medical standard. This is an established and fast method, and it is no longer possible to imagine cross-sectional diagnostic imaging without it.

Cardiac computed tomography and CT coronary angiography

Computed tomography of the heart is a non-invasive examination method with a wide range of applications. It is the painless alternative to an invasive, expensive cardiac catheter examination with a high radiation dose for patients with a low to medium risk of a coronary heart disease. The administration of an X-ray contrast medium enables the insides and walls of the vessels to be examined – down to the smallest detail. This not only makes calcification, but also mixed and soft plaque in the coronary arteries visible. Coronary heart disease can also be diagnosed at an early stage. Before the examination, you will be administered an intravenous, non-ionic, iodine-containing X-ray contrast medium. It increases the relevance of the examination and ensures diagnosis. Thanks to the latest technology, it is possible for us to significantly reduce the quantity of contrast medium administered. Please take note of our contrast medium information sheets.
The technology behind this
    In cardiac computed tomography, up to 500 tomograms of the heart are taken within a few seconds, which can be compiled to form a visual, rotatable 4D image. In this sector, our institutes participate in Europe's first non-university research cooperation with Siemens Medical Solutions®.