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Nuclear medicine
Nuclear medicine provides valuable functional information on morphological CT and MRT diagnostics. Diagnostikum Graz is the only private institute in southern Austria to offer image fusion of radiological and nuclear medical image documents.

Radioactive iodine therapy

Radioactive iodine therapy is the optimal therapy for existing or treatment-resistant hyperthyroidism, using 131-iodine. The necessary individual dose of radioactive iodine must be determined beforehand using thyroid scintigraphy and thyroid sonography. The institute must have current thyroid values available on the day of the therapy. It can take up to six months before a normalisation of the thyroid laboratory values occurs.
Frequently asked question
After a short case history and an explanation of how radioactive iodine therapy works and the necessary rules of conduct for at home, the current thyroid values that you have brought with you are checked. After you have signed the patient consent form, you will receive the dose of radioactive iodine in capsule form, which you then swallow with a little water.
On the day of the therapy, you should not eat anything. You should not eat any solid food until two hours after you have swallowed the radioactive iodine capsules.
The administration of radioactive iodine therapy, the explanation and signing the patient consent form takes a total of around 15 minutes.
As a result of the low dose, there are usually no side effects. There are rare reports of short-term nausea, bloating or a slight swelling with a feeling of tension in the area of the thyroid gland. No long-term undesired side effects are to be expected.